How to write a case study

case studies make great marketing material you take advantage of them hi tompa sorry no every business and I’m sure yours included can count numerous times in which it really helped solve a particular problem offer a great solution for a business and in turn help that business along the way let’s talk about it or in this case write about it that’s what someone has a case study or sometimes referred to as a success story because that’s in fact what it is but the length of a blog post gives you an opportunity to really zero in on a particular incident how you helped a client how that client benefited and make your company race your product and service shine but you want to put together properly and I’m gonna offer you these steps in this video so it’s off with the headline in this case because it’s it’s a case study you want to write it almost like a news piece not real artsy creative like it with marketing straight forward company X you realize this particular gain could be percentages you know improvement dollars saved whatever it is be rope Christa clarinet quantify it by using your product or service sort off a little background on your customer who it is where they are hauling they’ve been in business what do they do then you get into the challenge what is it in particular that the client faced inefficiencies cost overruns machine problems instead of just talking about them if you want to create a good story something that others reading this material can relate to that’s all key you want to be able to make use of this material take your reader on what’s called the journey what did your customer do as he started to go through this thought process kind of research you can have kind of the pros and cons of the various solutions out there and of course he settled upon you and your particular product what is it that you offered for a solution product X processing why feel free to name it but also touch on the implementation what was the actual rollout stage and process now here in many cases people you’re thinking is well you know I want to make it sound like it was really snappy but it’s not really realistic is it things take time there’s a learning curve or maybe it takes a while to implement a process that’s okay but then what were the results what did your customer realize and gain along the way of course you want to talk with your person on the scene as well as the customer it’s a good quotes that you can weave in and use in that particular piece think of it almost like a testimonial just a little bit longer part of this process is of course you want to identify a really good candidate for the case study not only the the type of issue that was faced but the solutions and the benefits gained but also the customer was a really a cheerleader someone who pops out those really good quotes about why you went with you and how happy is to have used your particular product or service then you want to package it all up in produce it now of course it go on on your website or maybe in a PDF form you know hard copy but if maybe invest a little bit in quality production graphic design it’s not just words on a paper like am well paid a term paper in college put it together in a real beautiful piece it’s going to be printed be like a slip sheet something that you’re proud of not just a story but the delivery of it the customer may wonder well you know do I want to participate I want to admit that I had problems or a problem what every business owner and business person does from time to time this person is just relaying a true incident that sure dozens have met hundreds of other business people can relate to and your product or service will help solve it that’s really in a nutshell so I hope this helps of course if you need help writing your case study you feel free to contact me but either way do start making use of this marketing – if you’re not already they’re very powerful spend some time thinking of it’s a really good anecdotes or incidents that that project you and your product or service in a good light put it together well and then start taking advantage of them hope this video helps feel free to leave a comment love to hear what you have to say as always tompa’s are from Wisconsin saying good luck in your business

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